Self-Discipline For Genuine Leadership Is the Mold For Good Lookin’ Teeth!?

How true is this quote when it comes to self-discipline? “A man without decision of character can never be said to belong to himself…He belongs to whatever can make captive of him” John Foster.  Do Not Ever Quit! When the going gets tough the tough get going! Stay the course and you will cross the finish-line to effective leadership. No one will ever achieve and sustain success without self-discipline, which is required for all leaders. Real leaders gain position to go to the highest level and it is the key to any leadership that lasts. You must have self-discipline to stay the course. Take a few moments and watch this short introduction of the 21 qualities of a leader of which self-discipline is an important part. The real key to leadership is Self-Discipline! Practice self-discipline and watch the video clip now to learn why. Develop As A Leader By Trying These Action Points For Self-Discipline! Develop and Follow Priorities […] Read more »

Some Say, The Qualities of A Leader Involve Leadership In the Form of Servanthood!

Servanthood leadership as one of the qualities of a leader is described very well in this quote. “The true leader serves. Serves people. Serves their best interests and in so doing will not always be popular, may not always impress. But because true leaders are motivated by loving concern rather than a desire for personal glory they are willing to pay the price” Eugene B. Habecker. Servanthood leadership involves the ability to put other people ahead of your personal agendas. The cause is not as important as the people. Jesus Messiah was one of the greatest leaders in history if not the greatest but His real accolade was His greatest service of all – dying on a cross. There is no greater Servanthood then for a ‘good man to die for another. Most of you probably picture servanthood leadership as something performed by people that are relatively low-skilled, those that are the worker laborers. But servanthood leadership has nothing […] Read more »

Does the Qualities of A Leader Really Have to Do With Teachability In Leadership?

When it comes to great quotes the two following quotes are among the best to describe teachability in leadership, as it relates to the qualities of a leader. “Value your listening and reading time at roughly ten times your talking time. This will assure you that you are on a course of continuous learning and self-improvement” Gerald McGinnis. It is what you learn after you know it all that counts” John Wooden. Every Leader faces the danger of contentment. Many times when you have achieved a certain level of respect you will get the idea in your heads that you have arrived and your teachability in leadership goes down. After many good leaders have found themselves on top of the mountain of leadership they feel they have no place else to go, no teachability for leadership, and a very important qualities of a leader. This is the place where many of the good leaders could have […] Read more »

The Qualities of A Leader With Vision Consist of What For Leadership?

When it comes to great quotes this one is one of the best when it comes to vision and the qualities of a leader for leadership. “The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious” John Sculley.  Great vision for the qualities of a leader belongs to those who see a thing before the thing has come. For those that are looking for opportunity their opportunity will come for leadership. I hope you will take the next few moments and watch this short video clip with John C Maxwell, as he discusses the reason why you need the “21 Indispensable qualities of a leader.” I, also, give you the opportunity to get your copy of “The 21 Qualities of A Leader” at the end of this post, to help you on your quest for a vision. A vision for leadership. Please keep reading after you have watched the video clip and learn […] Read more »

The Drill Sergeant Leadership Top Down Attitude!

The drill sergeant leadership top down attitude says I am in charge and it is my way or the highway. In the military especially boot-camp you have the drill sergeant barking orders to weak underlings. The idea is someone has to take charge or nothing gets done, this is the drill sergeant leadership top down attitude. This kind of attitude has been dubbed rightfully the drill sergeant leadership top down attitude.  This style of  drill sergeant leadership top down attitude works best by keeping the knowledge factor of its people limited. The idea is if people are kept in the dark the drill sergeant leadership top down leader can use this power to dominate followers. Ignorant followers work by making the drill sergeant leadership top down leader look better and keep people in line. An extreme example of this kind of drill sergeant leadership top down attitude would be Adolph Hitler. Whatever you do in the next few minutes I want you […] Read more »

Confessions of A Obsessive Compulsive Leadership Personality Type!

Obsessive compulsive personality leadership puts paperwork ahead of people work! Are you one of those people that would prefer to have someone else communicate to other people for you? Obsessive compulsive personality type leadership is more task-oriented than people oriented. An obsessive compulsive personality type leadership tends to be a perfectionists, accomplice’s of great deeds, workaholics that rarely relax and are generally rigid in relationships, especially leadership relationships. An Obsessive compulsive personality type leadership is very impatient with normal conversation. A task oriented obsessive compulsive personality type leadership needs to learn to slow down just a little and let people into their lives. We are living in the age of the fast-tracker with our electronic day-timers, and this is ideal for the obsessive compulsive personality type leadership. But we need to learn that the only way to impact people spiritually and permanently is by one-on-one contact and the obsessive compulsive personality type hates direct contact. In this age of […] Read more »

Leadership Praise and Word Definition Could It Make All the Difference In the Leadership Organization?

How many of you work for a tyrant of a boss that expects and demands perfection in word definition never offering an increase in compensation or praise for a job well done? The boss will, if you ask for more compensation, pile on more leadership responsibility (work). But here is the biggest leadership mistake of all, even if the boss can not give you more money right now, he will not give you encouragement either. Sometimes the only thing we need is a little push in the right direction to keep us working at optimum performance. A major leadership mistake is not offering the right pay-raise, even if all we get is a little word definition praise leadership. Take the next few minutes and watch this video clip introduction of the “Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make” by Hans Finzel. One of the top ten mistakes involves leadership praise and a word definition is in order. How […] Read more »

Start A Mavericks Reserve For the Wild Horse of Leadership If You Want To Grow Your Business!

Leadership mavericks is about the wild horse that is really hard to deal with they do not play by the rules. For the real cowboys and cowgirls out there you know what I am talking about. Leadership mavericks is about the wild horse that do not buck in a traditional way. It is really hard to break the mavericks of leadership because they really value their ‘freedom to fly.’  Businesses when they are just starting up look for the leadership mavericks to find the wild horse to come into the company and build up the business. Most companies like to keep the wild horse handy or leadership mavericks around in the beginning for about two or three years than they feel like it is time to boot the wild horse/leadership mavericks and they feel they no longer need the wild horse around after that time period. One section of the “Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make” by Hans Finzel […] Read more »

What Does Being A Leader Have To Do With Developing the Leader Within you and Leadership?

The thing that distinguishes being a leader and developing the leader within you from a Follower is really a very fine line. Most people believe the amount of money one has in the bank would be a mark of being a leader. Some would venture that being a leader can be distinguished by how many friends or the quality of ones friends would determine being a leader, when it comes to developing the leader within you. There are even those that would suppose their Boss because he barks orders and people jump that he would be developing the leader within you. But this is not being a leader nor does this a leader Make for leadership! True leadership comes from the Heart and being a leader is a heart matter, developing the leader within you. Now, what I am talking about is Love! A very special kind of love. The Apostle Paul talked about this in his Love Letter to the […] Read more »

We Need To Be A Leader That Is Developing the Leader Within You For Leadership!

It is time for you to step up and start developing the leader within you. The world we live in needs you to be a leader. Most of the problems you and I face in today’s world is a direct result of failed leadership. Where are all those individuals with the back-bone to be a leader. We need those that are willing to be a leader and take the charge to make our world of today a better place. We can over come the problems we face if we will just step up and be a leader and not just any leader, but the leader that is developing the leader within you (within me) for effective leadership.  Leadership is about taking responsibility for our own actions and having the guts to make some bold moves. If we are going to be a leader then we will have to learn to stand up and be counted. […] Read more »