I was born in Nashville, Tennessee December 14, 1953. Presently live  in Cottondale, Florida and attended high school at Chipley High School in Chipley, Florida and graduated in 1973. My goal has always been to be a writer and my interest has always been in personal development (leadership, goal-setting, self-improvement, self-help, etc.).

The greatest joy anyone can experience is working for themselves no matter what the field of endeavor may be. I have a real passion for writing and just love sharing ideas with people. I want people to realize their true God-given talents and abilities and I hope everyone finds this site truly inspirational.

I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking and the fact that we can overcome any obstacle set before us by placing the laws of success in motion. “As a man (woman) thinks so is he/she.” It is within our mind that controls every aspect of our lives. The High Power that lives inside all of us is the great Creator who has made us co-creators of our own destinies. We all control with our own intellect what does or does not happen to us. Anyone who will read our post and order the materials at the end of our post will learn this the ‘secret’ of the ages.

If we go around thinking we are sick and tired we will be sick and tired, but if we think well thoughts we will be well. There is no disease of mind or body that can defeat us unless we allow it to defeat us. The road to wellness is within our minds (how we think)! Are you thinking well thoughts or defeating thoughts? Read our post and learn to think well.

Hope all who read will be blessed – Harry