You Should Be Making Your Own Green Products and Going Green For Your Health

Go to your bathroom and check RIGHT NOW and see if you truly have green products. We think you will be VERY SURPRISED and SHOCKED at how many of your products are not green. That what you are putting on your skin is actually not green products. Are the products in your bathroom and your household really green products? Listed below is just a partial list of the dangerous chemicals that people in our society are using everyday and are not being told about how dangerous they are. You will want to avoid these non green products to enjoy good health. They can cause cancer, nervous system damage, birth defects, and much more. Heck you might as well smoke! The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health listed 884 dangerous chemicals and according to The Safe Shopping Bible 400 have been identified in human tissue. Presently there are over 3,000 dangerous chemicals and the list keeps growing even […] Read more »

Weight: Can Anyone Really Lose Weight Fast With the Fat Burning Furnace System?

There are so many people who need to lose weight fast in America and the lose weight fast fat burning furnace system may be the answer. Weight loss in America is fast becoming an epidemic and the lose weight fast fat burning furnace system may help. What can we do to lose weight fast and stay fit? Is there an answer for the millions of people who need to lose weight fast? The lose weight fast fat burning furnace system just may hold the answer for thousands who would like to lose weight fast. Weight loss is a problem that will not go away by itself. Thank God for shows like the Biggest Loser  and for the lose weight fast fat burning furnace system that is helping people around the globe realize they need to lose weight fast. There are a hand full of people from the Biggest Loser and even more people using the lose weight fast […] Read more »

For This Mantle Cell Lymphoma Leukemia Cancer Victim Life Was All But Over!

1 out of 3 people die of some type of cancer and I came close to death myself. But I survived to tell my story. I was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma leukemia cancer which requires eight hospital visits for chemo treatment one week each visit. And after the third trip to the hospital I had problems and almost died. Mantle Cell  Lymphoma Leukemia Cancer Story As a cancer victim I can tell you that cancer is a terrible disease. No one should have to go through an ordeal of having mantle cell lymphoma leukemia or any type of cancer. If the cancer want kill you the chemo treatments surely will. I was left for dead twice or maybe three times as a cancer victim. At one point this cancer victim had to have three units of blood and a unit of platelets, because I almost died. Then I liked to have died while the third chemo treatment was […] Read more »