I Am I Am: I Am That I Am the Creator and the Co-Creator and It Is Our Destiny!?

I Am I Am is the name of the Creator God. When Moses was told to go to the people of God and call them to leave Egypt he was instructed to tell them that the I Am That I Am wanted them to follow Moses out of Egypt. For this was and is the name of the Creator God – I Am I Am! The I Am I Am reigns in each one of our lives and we are the I am. Read in the book of Ezekiel where it talks about the wheel in the middle of the wheel. The I Am I Am is the wheel that all the other wheels are inside. Everything that has been created is contained inside the I Am I Am Creator God. Whether you are talking about planet earth, the sun, the stars, the other planets, all the things created plant or animal, even humanity is […] Read more »

How To Discipline: The Way To A Satisfied Life Is Self-Discipline

How to discipline ourselves is something we must all know if we are going to have a fulfilled life. We have no hope of achieving anything that is worth while without knowing how to discipline ourselves. When we look around and we see people who have no self-esteem and they have no self-control it is because they do not know how to discipline themselves. All of us should admire the oriental people for of all the people upon the earth there is none who practice the art of how to discipline themselves more than they do. Growing up in our home environment our knowing how to discipline ourselves is something that we had a real problem and a right out struggle with. What we are saying is when you grow up in an environment where nothing we ever do is good enough knowing how to discipline ourselves does not come easily. And this is one of the reasons why […] Read more »

Winners Never Quit: Are You A Member of the Winners Never Quit Club?

We have a little secret and that secret is winners never quit and quitters never win. We know what you are thinking, Yeah right, heard that one before? We would have bet our entire repetition on the fact that you have heard, Winners never quit and quitters never win before. This is a saying that has been around probably longer than most of us have been born. The question we need to ponder here and now is the statement winners never quit and quitters never win, is it true? Do you think that the world series of baseball could ever be won any other way than by the attitude that winners never quit? How about the super bowl winners? Don’t you know their attitude is winners never quit! Nothing, no great accomplishment in life is ever won with out the attitude that winners never quit.    For us to answer this question as to whether winners never quit and quitters never […] Read more »

Self-Improvement Plan: Do You have A Self-Improvement Plan?

Do you have a self-improvement plan? Every one needs to have a self-improvement plan if for no other purpose to keep our sanity. There are several things we need to encompass in our self-improvement plan. Will you go on a journey with us as we establish what our self-improvement plan should include? We believe a great self-improvement plan would be to be a cow and just graze off of the land all day with no worries and no concerns. But then after giving this one some thought the life that a cow has is fine till it comes time to go to the slaughter-house and become someones steak on their table. May be the cow does not have such a great self-improvement plan after all.  How about imaging yourself on a cruise and you do not have to make the beds, fix something to eat, get up early to get ready for work/school, and you can let your hair down because […] Read more »

Self-Improvement Tips: For A Better Life Here Are 7 Self-Improvement Tips

Listed below are 7 self-improvement tips for those that are looking for a better life. These 7 self-improvement tips are provided to help you be all you can be. There are a lot of people who realize they need these 7 self-improvement tips and they have helped them live a more fulfilling life. Do you want to live a better more fulfilling life? Than please take the time out of your busy schedule to read these: The First of the 7 Self-Improvement Tips Our Appearance There comes a point in our lives when we become slack or indifferent where our appearance is concerned. When people look at us do they see someone who is spruce and well-groomed? Can we answer this question with an unqualified “YES“? My first self-improvement tips is spend some money on some new clothes (well cut good quality). Do not be afraid to be extravagant! Get a nice clean-cut hair trim. Perhaps we could improve on […] Read more »

Good Qualities: How To Spot Good Qualities In People

We need to discuss the good qualities of people. Just a casual glimpse of the news is enough to fill hopeless. All they seem to tell us is how bad people are. Why is it we never here about the good qualities of people? Is it because bad news and bad people are popular subjects? The news programs tell us because we need to be informed about all the stuff that is going on around us. Why not inform us about the good qualities of people and what is going on in the community that is accomplishing something worth while? Our hats go off to NBC for they have recently starting giving us a report on the good qualities of different people each day. Here Is A List of Good Qualities The bible gives us the best list of good qualities found in Philippians 4:8. “Whatever is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, good report, virtue, and praise.” These are not only the things that […] Read more »

Chronic Definition: The Chronic Definition For A Fault Finder

There is a chronic definition for chronic fault-finding, belittling the other person, nagging, ripping the other person up the back and they are all symptoms of our own low self-esteem. Ninety-five percent of the time when we tell someone, “I’m telling you this for your own good” – No we are not! What is actually being done is we are bolstering up our own ego by pointing out the other persons fault chronic definition. The most common failing of human relations is the way we attempt to increase our own feelings of self-esteem by lowering the self-esteem of another person and this is a chronic definition. There is another way of criticizing other people without offending them. We do not have to use the chronic definition of fault-finding. Criticism when done correctly builds-up the other person that is being criticized. Criticism should never be done to show other people up. We never want to hurt other people’s feelings but rather we […] Read more »

Miracle Healing: The Great Physician Has Performed A Miracle Healing

The Great Physician has the power to perform a miracle healing which is something that science can not understand and science can not explain it away. Miracles are happening everyday all around us. Let me tell you of a miracle healing in my own life. Kidney Problems. The doctor ran blood test on me along with urine samples and found my blood sugar was sky-high and my volume was really bad. I was sent to a Nephrology specialist to verify my condition. I was terminal and the next step for me was dialysis. Three months after seeing the nephrologist more blood test were done. Everything was in the normal ranges. Three months after that more blood tests as a precaution and it was as if I never had any kidney problems – The miracle healing! The cure was a miracle healing! The only thing done on my part was I quit eating all bread and lost thirty-two pounds. The […] Read more »

The Go Getter: How To Be the Go Getter And Create One

Try this two-step approach of the go getter experiment: First, asks someone to help you do something. It does not matter what it is you ask them to help you do. Let the other person know what is expected of them. You can even offer to pay them for helping you if you would like. But it is important that you make it clearly understood that you will only pay them if they carry out your own ideas in doing what it is you want done. Make a list of the cooperation you get and the success of your joint efforts from the go getter. Next try this approach of the go getter experiment and approach someone else and ask them for help. But this time do not just ask the other person to help you to do the job, but also ask him/her to help you think about the job at hand. Ask the other person for their ideas as […] Read more »

My Way Or The Highway: If You Can’t Do It My Way You Can Take the Highway

There is only one way to do anything so either it is my way or the highway. There is more than one way to skin a cat, but take it from this old bulldog my way or the highway. How many times have you heard that one? There really is not more than one way to skin a cat, but you do have to do it very carefully so as not to tear the hind. The same thing is true when it comes to getting people to do things my way or the highway you have to be careful you do not rip the hind off their feelings. Natural Way Argue My Way or the Highway The natural way to get people to see things my way or the highway just may be the wrong way to go about it. The natural thing to do is to argue my way or the highway. Anytime someone opposes our ideas […] Read more »