Leadership Praise and Word Definition Could It Make All the Difference In the Leadership Organization?

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There are 2 words everyone needs to hear as a word definition for leadership praise.

How many of you work for a tyrant of a boss that expects and demands perfection in word definition never offering an increase in compensation or praise for a job well done? The boss will, if you ask for more compensation, pile on more leadership responsibility (work). But here is the biggest leadership mistake of all, even if the boss can not give you more money right now, he will not give you encouragement either. Sometimes the only thing we need is a little push in the right direction to keep us working at optimum performance. A major leadership mistake is not offering the right pay-raise, even if all we get is a little word definition praise leadership. Take the next few minutes and watch this video clip introduction of the “Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make” by Hans Finzel. One of the top ten mistakes involves leadership praise and a word definition is in order. How about a word definition of “job very well done? How hard would it be for leadership to give a little praise in a word definition?

Unlike the Energizer Bunny We Need Praise and Word Definition For Leadership!

The Energizer Bunny will just keep going and going and going, as long as leadership praise involves batteries. Human beings are right the opposite of the little pink bunny. We need to have our emotional batteries charged really often for the best word definition praise in leadership. In many organizations people are expected to work out of a sense of duty and these organizations will offer little to no leadership of their people. It is no wonder that the turn-over in these organizations is high. We suppose they think they have a bunch of Energizer Bunnies working for them and that is a major leadership mistake.

Praise and Word Definition Comes in Different Strokes For Leadership!

Different Strokes – Just Watch Where You Are Stroking! When you are encouraging the people in your organization or group keep in mind that they will require different doses and different kinds of affirmation. But every one of them will need that encouragement. Your people will lap up every little word of encouragement like a thirsty little puppy. Sometimes we fail to encourage or pat someone else on the back because no one is patting our back – “well done good and faithful servant.” But God expects us to pat other people on the back while going along our way, then it will return to us “some thirty, some forty, and some a hundred times.” Here is an important key to effective leadership. 

The following is how I would describe the different leadership praise word definition needs of different people:

Word Definition Praise Leadership of the Desperadoes. Their middle name is “Warm Fuzzy.” The “Warm Fuzzy” person can not get enough good strokes. The new people to your organization or group need this special kind of attention to assure them that they are welcome and to do a good job. In the beginning they must have this word definition praise and encouragement while they get oriented to the job. This involves effective leadership for word definition praise.

Word Definition Praise Leadership of the Up-and-Downers. A good leader learns to read the signs of when his/her people are up or they are down. These are the people who will go along just fine for a while with little need of attention, but then all of a sudden they will enter into an emotional valley. Personal problems or trouble at home who knows but these people show signs of needing more attention and thus a little encouragement. Know your people and recognize the signs and let them know they are appreciated and valuable members in your leadership organization. When they miss work because they are sick send them a get well card. Let them know you missed them being around not for just what they do but for who they are as part of the leadership team.

Word Definition Praise Leadership of the “Normal (?)” People. This would be the vast majority of people out there you work with and they grew up in normal stable homes. Wait, Scratch That! These people are a dying breed! Listen, the more dysfunctional and tough the more they are going to need our regular affirmation. As a matter of fact, the younger generation (x and y) need a lot more nurturing than the depression/World War II veterans. Yes, they will need our leadership to praise their efforts.

Word Definition Praise Leadership of the Auto-Pilot People. This group is made up of the Energizer Bunnies! The skeptics and people who have had bad experiences with other people taking advantage of them fall into this group. All we need to do here is cultivate kindness into our word definition of praise for leadership. This group is so strong and so busy that any attempts at encouragement would be nothing more than a pesky gnat flying around ones face. Many of our attempts to give word definition praise to them would be looked at with great suspicion. A cultivation of kindness is all that is needed these people. Leadership knows when to leave them alone and offers encouragement/word definition praise leadership sparely.

“Wherefore comfort yourselves together and edify one another, even as also you do” 1 Thessalonians 5:11. It is important to encourage/word definition praise leadership and let your leadership team know they are doing a good job. When we look for the good in other people and point out the good they are doing you will see even more good come out of them, and this is word definition praise leadership. So be sure you give your people a pay-raise in encouragement/word definition praise leadership even if you can not give them a pay-raise in dollars and cents. Of course, if the dollars and cents are available it does not hurt to do this as well, but at least offer up a little word definition of praise for the leadership team.

Although leadership is the hot topic on conference agendas and book tours most people who find themselves in positions of leadership have little or no training for the role. They simply continue to make the same old mistakes such as not giving word definition praise leadership.

With additional and newly updated material the “Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make” word definition praise leadership classic reveals the most common errors that leaders consistently make such as not giving word definition praise leadership regardless of training or age and the way to stop these bad habits of not giving word definition praise leadership from undermining their positive talents and accomplishments is by recognizing word definition praise leadership as one of the “Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make” in leadership classes.

Whether you are leading a company, a ministry, a Girl Scout troop, or your family, “The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make” is a must-read for anyone who wants to lead others with word definition praise leadership effectively.

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