The Qualities of A Leader With Vision Consist of What For Leadership?

qualities of a leader

Vision is one of the important qualities of a leader for leadership!

When it comes to great quotes this one is one of the best when it comes to vision and the qualities of a leader for leadership. “The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious” John Sculley. 

Great vision for the qualities of a leader belongs to those who see a thing before the thing has come. For those that are looking for opportunity their opportunity will come for leadership. I hope you will take the next few moments and watch this short video clip with John C Maxwell, as he discusses the reason why you need the “21 Indispensable qualities of a leader.” I, also, give you the opportunity to get your copy of “The 21 Qualities of A Leader” at the end of this post, to help you on your quest for a vision. A vision for leadership. Please keep reading after you have watched the video clip and learn about a vision for leadership, which is one of the 21 qualities of a leader.

The Qualities of A Leader With Out Vision Causes the Leadership Dream To Die!

One of my favorite quotes is from Proverbs, “…without a vision the people perish.” The real secret to any lasting success is in having a vision or dream for leadership. Ones ability to dream is one of the indispensable qualities of a leader. All Great Leaders recognize the importance of vision, especially a vision for leadership. It is our vision for leadership that paints the target; it sparks and fuels the fire from within, and draws us forward. Show me anyone without a vision for leadership and I will show you someone who is not going anywhere, unless they have a vision for leadership. Anyone that does not have a vision at best all they can do is travel in circles.

Here Is What We Need To Do To Get A Handle On the Qualities of A Leader With Vision and How It Comes To Be A Part of Our Lives In Leadership:  

Our Vision Starts Within. No one can give us a vision, we have to look inside ourselves to find our vision. Our vision comes from our own creativity and desire for excellence. We have to see what could be. We can learn to draw upon our natural gifts and desires. If we can not sense a vision of our own, then we may want to consider hooking up with a leader that has a vision similar to our own. Learn to partner with someone that has similar goals and aspirations as your own.

Our Vision Draws On Our History. We can take a look at any leader and find out that there are key events in their past that played a huge part in the creation of their vision. And it is also true that our vision can be discovered by searching our past. Vision/Dream never appears or is summons from a genies lamp.

Our Vision Meets Others’ Needs. Vision that has real value will not only include others; it will add value to there life. A Real True Vision goes well beyond what any single individual could possibly accomplish.

Our Vision Helps Us Gather Resources. “The first thing you do is teach the person to feel that the vision is very important and nearly impossible. That draws out the drive in winners” Edwin Land. We need a really great vision to attract more winners but in order to get the participants to fight to achieve the vision it needs to be more challenging. A vision acts like a magnet attracting, challenging, and uniting people. 

The Vision That Is Indispensable In the Qualities of the Leader For Leadership Comes From Being A Good Listener! There Are Several Voices We Must Learn To Listen To:

Inner Voice. We have to have a desire from within from the very depths of who we are and what we believe or we will never be able to accomplish our vision. What is at the core of the things we dream about? Our mission?

Unhappy Voice. We have to be discontent with the status qua. No Great Leader has ever fought to prevent change. Great inspiration for great ideas comes from noticing what does not work and doing something about our vision.

Successful Voice. We can accomplish great things but not alone. A BIG VISION requires working with a good team but also we need good advice. We need a leader who is ahead of us in leadership skills. Work with a mentor who can help to sharpen your vision. 

Higher Voice. True our vision must come from within but do not confine it to our limited capabilities. We all need to look to our Higher Power only He knows our full capabilities. Look beyond ourselves, even beyond our lifetimes as we pursue our vision. If we do not do this we may miss our true potential and the best life has for us.

Here Is What We Need To Do To Improve Our Vision and Develop the Qualities of A Good Leader For Leadership:

Measure Ourselves By the Qualities of A Good Leader For Vision Leadership. If we have thought about our vision, for our life and articulated it than measure how well we have carried it out. By talking to our spouse, close friends, and fellow employees ask them to state what they think our vision is. If they can tell us we are probably living our vision/dream.

Write It Down As Part of the Qualities of A Good Leader. When we write our vision and have the qualities of a leader clear in our minds down it helps to clarify our vision. Now that your vision is written down evaluate whether your vision is worthy of your life’s best. Pursue your vision with every fiber of your being.

Do A Gut Check For the Qualities of A Good Leader. It is time to spend the next several weeks or months thinking about your vision. What is the vision for leadership that makes you want to cry? What is the vision for leadership that makes you want to dream? What is the vision of leadership that gives you energy? What changes would you like to see in the world around you (your vision of leadership)? What is the vision for leadership that is not but could be? When your ideas become clearer write them down and talk to your mentor about your vision.

When we look deep into our hearts and souls for a vision for leadership what is it that we see? I have reserved a very special unabridged limited edition of “the 21 Indispensable Qualities of A Leader” by John C Maxwell just for you to help you with your vision for leadership. Please take just two minutes to check out “the 21 Indispensable Qualities of A Leader” and you will see why I highly recommend “the 21 Indispensable Qualities of A Leader” for leadership and why you should have a copy of this timeless master piece in your library if you truly want to be a leader or even just a good follower – Click Here Now.

qualities of a leader

To improve your vision for leadership you must have “The 21 Indispensable Qualities of A Leader” in your library.

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