Self-Discipline For Genuine Leadership Is the Mold For Good Lookin’ Teeth!?

self-disciplineHow true is this quote when it comes to self-discipline? “A man without decision of character can never be said to belong to himself…He belongs to whatever can make captive of him” John Foster. 

Do Not Ever Quit! When the going gets tough the tough get going! Stay the course and you will cross the finish-line to effective leadership. No one will ever achieve and sustain success without self-discipline, which is required for all leaders. Real leaders gain position to go to the highest level and it is the key to any leadership that lasts. You must have self-discipline to stay the course.

Take a few moments and watch this short introduction of the 21 qualities of a leader of which self-discipline is an important part. The real key to leadership is Self-Discipline! Practice self-discipline and watch the video clip now to learn why.

Develop As A Leader By Trying These Action Points For Self-Discipline!

Develop and Follow Priorities For Self-Discipline. The essence of leadership self-discipline is not in doing something when you are in the mood or it is convenient to do it. There is already too little time to do all the things that need to be done. What you need is a plan for accomplishing and determine what is really a priority, than release yourself to do it and that takes self-discipline. This will make it easier to follow through on what is really important. “To do important tasks two things are necessary: a plan and not quite enough time.” 

A Disciplined Lifestyle Goal For Self-Discipline. There are things you will do not just for a season but every day for the rest of your lives. One of the best ways is develop systems and routines for developing self-discipline, especially in the areas crucial to your long term growth and success you will need self-discipline.

The Biggest Loser Contestants that maintain and control their new found lifestyle will never go back to being over weight again. But for those that can not find any reason for maintaining their weight loss other than trying to win a million dollar prize will gain it all back. You have to find the real source to your problem and that takes self-discipline for any effective leadership.

Challenge Excuses For Self-Discipline. “An excuse is nothing more than a lie what has been gift-wrapped” Harry McDuffee. You can go to the next level once you realize your excuses are just a bunch of excuses that need to be challenged. Almost all our faults are more pardonable than the methods we think up to hide them” Francois La Rochefoucauld. The first task is to challenge and eliminate any tendency to make excuses to develop a lifestyle of leadership for self-discipline. 

Remove Awards Till Job Is Done For Self-Discipline. Anyone that lacks leadership self-discipline is in the habit of having dessert before eating their vegetables. “Any business or industry that pays equal rewards to its goof-offs and its eager-beavers sooner or later will find itself with more goof-offs than eager-beavers” Mike Delaney. Practice and develop self-discipline for effective leadership.

Stay Focused On Results For Self-Discipline. You need to count the benefits of a job well done. Next time you are faced with a must do task and you think you will do what is convenient instead of paying the price change that focus (develop self-discipline). When you concentrate on how difficult the work will be instead of the results or rewards you will become discouraged. Focus is a key element to leadership and developing self-discipline and a must for leaders for effective leadership.

Movement Does Not Equate Self-Discipline!

“Talent without self-discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There is plenty of movement but you never know if it is going to be forward, backwards, or sideways” H. Jackson Brown. Have you ever seen people that run around like a chicken with its head chopped off? You have a lot of motion but little concrete results. What I mean is you lack any real self-discipline. You must be focused on your chief aim.

It is important for self-discipline to get up and wiggle. Learn to be a wiggle-worm and you will catch the really big fish. It takes a lot of self-discipline to set the pace for others to follow your leadership. Self-discipline is not hiding in a corner hoping not to be noticed. Did you know it takes a lot more self-discipline to stand out, then it does to hide? Develop the habit of self-discipline and you will have much greater success. Without self-discipline leaders are lacking any real leadership ability.

How To Improve Self-Discipline!  

Sort Priorities to Improve Self-Discipline . You need to develop a plan to make self-discipline a daily or weekly part of your lives. What are two or more areas of your life that are the most important? Write these down and have the self-discipline needed to be developed so you keep growing and improving as a leader.

List Reasons to Improve Self-Discipline. You need to write down the benefits of practicing self-discipline and post them someplace where you will see them every day. Anytime you do not feel like following through you need to re-read your list of reasons. 

Get Rid of Excuses to Improve Self-Discipline. Do not leave yourself any reason to quit. It is only in the moment of self-discipline that you have the power to achieve your dreams. Write down those excuses, read them and then dismiss them as the best self-discipline medicine. 

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty-five years ago…The second best time is today.” It is time right now to plant the tree of self-discipline in your life and your business. The 21 Indispensable Qualities of A Leader by John Maxwell is the seed you need to plant the seed of self-discipline in your life. Take two minutes (self-discipline required) to get the 21 Indispensable Qualities of A Leader and learn the skills it takes to build your network marketing business. Yes, even this takes self-discipline to sign up and get your business started. Be a real leader and take positive action today!

I hope you consider the alternative of not practicing self-discipline and how it will effect your ability as a leader. Develop the leadership skills by listening and obtaining your written copy of the 21 Indispensable Qualities of A Leader and consider taking a look then joining my business. Together you and I can team up and become effective leaders into the future. Self-discipline is a key to success in any and all endeavors. It takes self-discipline to build a thieving business, such as the network marketing business I am building. Our business allows you to see a profit with as few as 20 orders!

*contains exerts from the 21 Indispensable Qualities of A Leader*


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