Start A Mavericks Reserve For the Wild Horse of Leadership If You Want To Grow Your Business!

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Mavericks are a beautiful wild horse untamed as they are, but necessary for the growth to take place in the leadership team.

Leadership mavericks is about the wild horse that is really hard to deal with they do not play by the rules. For the real cowboys and cowgirls out there you know what I am talking about. Leadership mavericks is about the wild horse that do not buck in a traditional way. It is really hard to break the mavericks of leadership because they really value their ‘freedom to fly.’ 

Businesses when they are just starting up look for the leadership mavericks to find the wild horse to come into the company and build up the business. Most companies like to keep the wild horse handy or leadership mavericks around in the beginning for about two or three years than they feel like it is time to boot the wild horse/leadership mavericks and they feel they no longer need the wild horse around after that time period.

One section of the “Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make” by Hans Finzel discusses the old wild horse or leadership mavericks in great detail, and why they are needed. According to him and I happen to agree the mavericks never use up their usefulness. Watch this short video clip on the “Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make” by Hans Finzel.

The Wild Horse Leadership Mavericks Reserve the Beginning!

From birth, infancy, and childhood of a company is when there is a real need for the wild horse leadership that the mavericks bring to the organization, but once the company is about half through adolescence to adulthood the companies start figuring they no longer need the mavericks. After all the growth of the company at this point takes on a life of its own. It will grow with very little effort from here. 

There is several sure-fire ways for a company to put the wild horse in its place. Try these for example: Tell them – “That’s Impossible,” “We do not do things that way around here. It is to radical a change for us,” “We tried something like that before and it did not work,” “I wish it were that easy,” “It is against policy to do it that way,” “When you have be around a little longer you will understand,” “Who gave you permission to change the rules,” “Let us get real OK,” “How dare you suggest that what we are doing is wrong,” or “If you had been in this field as long as I have you would understand that what you are suggesting is absolutely absurd!”

Leadership For Wild Horse Mavericks Self-Made!

Wild horse mavericks are those self-made individuals that think outside the box. The wild horse leadership mavericks will never be held to confinement inside the perimeters of the box. For example the wild horse leadership mavericks are the ones that get in on the ground floor of the network marketing company and come up with the systems for marketing to the masses of people. They are the ones that build a distributor base of 40,000 plus. 

The Wild Horse leadership mavericks are the ones mailing the sales letters that make them money on the front-end and back-end people into the network marketing company. And the people that come aboard with them stand to make a lot of money, as well. The problem is when a company has been around a while they start changing the rules and want allow the wild horse leadership mavericks to continue marketing this way. The real problem is these companies do not have a clue and think we will give you the marketing piece to hand out to your friends and family. No more mass mailing of letters (materials) not authorized by the company. “No problem” says the wild horse leadership mavericks and they leave for greener pastures where the leadership mavericks do what works.

Leadership Wild Horse Mavericks Are In Demand!

What most companies fail to realize is the wild horse mavericks are always in demand. We need the wild horse mavericks! If only companies would learn this they would give the wild horse leadership breathing room. There is nothing that will kill a visionary or knock the winds out of his/her sails anymore than the idea of forming a committee to have it looked into. A committee keeps the minutes and waste hours, they build a horse and it looks like an elephant, the best committee has three members with two out of town, it is made up of the unfit trying to lead the unwilling to do the unnecessary, and it is a collection of individuals that separately do nothing and together decide that nothing can be done. Keep your wild horse mavericks and shoot the committee members. 

Recognize the legitimate Mavericks. They care not just for their own ideas but for the goals of all, the leadership mavericks make a difference in their present position, the leadership mavericks are willing to earn the right to be heard, and they have others following in their foot-steps and they are producing good results.

Encourage the Leadership Mavericks. You do this by giving the leadership mavericks long tether and they will soar like eagles. You do this by putting the leadership mavericks in charge of something they can own. You do this by listening to the leadership mavericks ideas and giving them time to grow. You do this by letting them work on their own – do their own thing. And then by all means leave the leadership mavericks alone and give them the time they need to blossom.

Want to stifle the Leadership mavericks? Have more chiefs than Indians in your organization, keep looking over their shoulders, have piles and piles of policies and procedures as thick as possible, control all important decisions at the top, send everything possible to committees to deliberate, make the leadership mavericks wait months for decisions and put them on a team full of small-thinkers.

The Wild Horse has a place in our world and we should work to preserve the leadership mavericks rights. It is totally wrong to send our wild horse to the glue factories instead of preserving them in a wild horse reserve. Our wild horse leadership mavericks should be in an atmosphere where they can have the ‘Freedom to Fly’! This is definitely one of the big “Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make” and we should realize we need to keep them around for many years to come.

What we need is more leadership that can get the job done. You can learn the top “Ten Mistakes Leaders Make” or learn what to look for in a wild horse leadership, and much more. Having the “Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make” by Hans Finzel in your library is the best source for raising up leadership. It is the source for leadership to thrive and grow so take the next two minutes to get all the details and your copy of the “Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make” and just click here now.

wild horse

The top ten mistakes of leadership has a section for the wild horse or mavericks and why they are so necessary to the organization.

 *contains exerts from the Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make*

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  1. Lisa Wright says:

    Horses teach us so much about leadership and our ability to lead them. They are not impressed by status, position and standing as we humans are in the corporate world. From a horse’s view, everyone is equal and judged completely on their merits as leaders – a horse needs to know if we are worthy of the leader position – will we keep them safe? If a horse truely believes we are the safe place, they will walk to the ends of the earth for us but only if they see as credible leaders.